Upgrading of the Júcar River between Carcaixent and the A-7 highway.

  • Intervention length:
    • Upgrading of the Júcar River: 9 Km
    • Green River conditioning: 0.8 km
    • Conditioning of Bcos. right bank: 33.1 Km
  • Design criteria:
    • Protection of urban areas from floods between T=100 and T=250 years
    • Protection of agricultural areas from floods between T=25 and T=50 years
  • Adaptation of the Júcar and Verde rivers by creating a flood channel on land, without modifying the ordinary channel. Includes restoration and conservation of riparian vegetation.
  • Adequacy of the rest of the ravines with the bed in natural terrain, and slopes with geo-cells covered with topsoil and hydro-seeded.
  • Adaptation of urban stretches with the least artificial coverings possible in each case.
  • Management of the river’s natural overflow areas by means of urban protection motes.

The main objective of the structural actions that are designed is to solve the enormous social, economic and environmental impact that historically have been caused by the great floods of the River Júcar, and to obtain an adequate level of protection at the level of urban areas and reduction of damage to crops during episodes of flooding.

In addition to this objective, the different actions are intended to respect and improve the integrity of the environmental, landscape and cultural values of the surroundings and will not alter the availability of the resource that characterizes the current land uses.

The set of actions is evaluated globally, together with those of the “South Marsh Drainage Improvement Project”, constructing a joint model that contemplates all the existing interactions between the different areas of action: the Júcar and Verde rivers, ravines, protected areas and wetlands.

Work performed:

  • Compilation and analysis of existing information. Exhaustive inventory of the affected environment.
  • Geomorphological and historical flooding study
  • Initial document
  • Environmental Impact Study
  • Landscape Integration and Public Participation Study
  • Archaeological survey and inventory of ethnological and architectural assets