Supervision of works at the DGC in Castilla y León

The basic work performed was as follows:

  • A diagnosis of the environmental situation of each construction site.
  • Establishment and follow-up of the Environmental Monitoring Plan.
  • Preparation of reports on the environmental development of the activities during the works and those established by the Environmental Impact Statement once the works are completed (during the operation phase).
  • Supervision of the Works Management in specific studies related to the works and their interaction with environmental aspects (control and monitoring of fauna, revegetation, acoustic issues, …); as well as the application of protective, corrective and ecological and landscape integration measures, and their monitoring and control.

Sections inspected: Located throughout the provinces of León, Palencia, Salamanca, Zamora and Valladolid.

Supervision Staff: Working group consisting of a Head of Unit, a Head of Flora and Fauna and a set of 6 to 9 Environmental Managers, all of them competent graduates with experience in protection and conservation of the natural environment.