Supervision of dam conditioning at Almansa, Albacete

Scope of action: Almansa reservoir, municipality of Almansa, province of Albacete.

Purpose of the work: To provide environmental supervision services to ensure proper compliance with the requirements established in the construction project of the work in question and the conditions and studies required in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

The basic work performed was as follows:

  • Preliminary study to analyze the adequacy of the corrective measures indicated in the Environmental Impact Statement.
  • Preliminary study of the vegetation present in the Alpera Canal.
  • Study of the avifauna.

Execution of the environmental monitoring of the works:

  • Maintenance of territorial permeability
  • Soil protection and reclamation
  • Protection of the hydrological system
  • Protection of fauna and vegetation
  • Erosion protection
  • Landscape protection
  • Detection of environmental impacts not foreseen in the Environmental Impact Study.
  • Verification of the effects on the environment foreseen in the Environmental Impact Study.
  • Control of the measures planned for protection and impact correction