Study of the road infrastructure of the Quilamas Natural Area, Salamanca.

Scope of action: Las Quilamas Natural Area, province of Salamanca.

The protection and conservation of the Natural Area of “Quilamas” (10,659 ha) is of special interest for its landscape, tree masses, and the richness of its fauna. The study area is declared as SCI ES 4150108 “Quilamas” and SPA ES 4150039 “Quilamas”.

Tasks performed:

  • Planning of accesses to define the needs and/or conditions of the road network.
  • Define a target network accompanied by a proposed use regulation that integrates all needs, with strict observance of environmental constraints.
  • To serve as a basis for future integration into the PORN and the Regional Forest Plan.

Methodology used:

  1. Inventory.
  2. General planning criteria are defined
  3. Development of specific planning, as a result of which the target road network is obtained.

The design and selection of new routes is carried out through a comparative study of alternatives based on the environmental, technical and landscape costs of each alternative, by means of a raster analysis developed in a geographic information system.

The results obtained satisfactorily validated the methodology used for use in other natural areas and will serve to be integrated into the future PORN of the Quilamas Natural Area and the corresponding Regional Plan.