Environmental Monitoring and Surveillance of Wind Farms in the Valencia Region

Scope: Zones 1 – 2 – 3 – 7 – 8 of the Wind Farms of the Valencian Community, provinces of Castellón and Valencia.

The basic work performed:

  • Proposed final layout of the parks.
  • Preliminary analysis.
  • Methodology for the selection of the final layout (excluded areas and factors to determine the environmental analysis).
  • Selected layout
  • Evacuation System
  • Characterization of the projects
  • Main actions of the power line.
  • Procedures and coordination with regional and local administrations
  • Coordination between developer, main contractor and other subcontractors
  • Development of the Environmental Monitoring Program

Phases of the work performed:

  • Phase 1: Stakeout
  • Phase 2: Works
  • Phase 3: Completion of work and finishing touches
  • Phase 4: Completion of work
  • Phase 5: Environmental restoration
  • Phase 6: Operation of the power line.

The follow-ups have included technical assistance to the developer to monitor the corrective and compensatory measures provided for in the different Environmental Impact Statements, as well as the direct execution of some of these measures. Among them stand out for their uniqueness:

  • Study of power lines and measures to be adopted to reduce their impact on birdlife. Modification of the most hazardous power lines.
  • Three-year study and monitoring by satellite markers of the vulture populations in the northern area of Castellón.
  • Construction of dunghills.
  • Control of the execution of the works carried out by the Environmental Brigades of the municipalities in the area.