Bonelli’s Goshawk Habitat Survey

Scope of action: Estubeny, Valencia

The area under study is focused on the surroundings of the future location of the Sellent dam (Valencia), located in the south of the province of Valencia, in the municipality of Estubeny.

With the survey of the habitat of the breeding pair of Bonelli’s eagle (Aquila fasciata), and the study of their behavior in the surroundings of the dam location, the aim is to obtain results that minimize this affection, being able to locate nearby locations for future nesting of the pair, in order to maintain the species in this area.

In the development of the work, several actions were carried out to understand and analyze the behavior of the pair of specimens:

The initial phase of the project involved the capture of the two specimens and their tagging using the aforementioned satellite/GPS transmitters. This process was essential to obtain accurate data on their movements and behaviors.

Over a period of one year, detailed monitoring of the pair was carried out using information collected through satellite transmitters and field visits. This integrated approach provided a complete picture of their movement patterns and behavior in their natural environment.

The results of this research were translated into detailed reports that addressed the use of space and the pair’s roosting area, as well as the identification of potential nesting areas nearby. These reports not only presented raw data, but also provided valuable conclusions that contributed to a deeper understanding of the ecology and behavior of these particular species.


Image: Bonelli’s Eagle – © Paco Gómez